Demented 1994 >

To the outside world, the old boarding house seemed safe and inviting, tucked away on a tree-lined street in a cozy and quiet neighborhood. But appearances can be deceiving. One by one the boarders are about to learn its terrifying secret. A secret they'll carry to their graves. 'Demented' is an exercise in unrelenting, mind-numbing terror. Based on a shocking true story, the film is all the more horrifying because it really happened... maybe in your own town!

Ghost Of Mae Nak 1978 >

Remake of the 1960 ghost film of the same name. This was remade yet again two years later.

Headless Ghost 1980 >

Hard to come by Thai horror whose plot is likely succinctly summed up by its title.

The Man Who Sits with the Dead 1988 >

Descended from a long line of Satanists, a man is given the role of sitting with the dead. He gets fed up with and wants a normal life but is tempted back over to the dark side by necrophilia.

Because the Dawn 1988 >

Marie is a Manhattan vampire thirsting for acceptance and blood, not necessarily in that order. Apparently a renaissance women, she sings the blues, poses for a picture, and rides through Times Square in a horse drawn carriage. Ariel is a fashion photographer attracted to the beguiling vampire. Attraction escalates into obsession, and before long locate the elusive creature of the night.

Mark of Lilith 1986 >

Zena, A black lesbian researching monstrous women meets Lillia, a white, bisexual vampire at a horror movie and they embark on a bizarre relationship.

BoF >

Optical printing brings to life the Bride of Frankenstein - from the BFI London Film Festival 2016 programme

The Snake King's Wife 1972 >

After an affair with the fabled Snake King, a woman gives birth to a son she names Veasna. After Veasna finds a wife, a witch curses their daughter to be born with snakes instead of hair.

愛の陽炎 1986 >

Rumiko Arai, a 20-year-old girl working in a sawmill, meets a driver, Sekiguchi, and they begin a relationship with the promise of marriage. But Rumiko's grandmother tells her that they are both cursed by an ancient evil.

Last Halloween >

In this short film, Sarah and Matt have a 'unique' relationship. But when they throw a Halloween party, things take a turn for the worse.

The Scavengers 1987 >

Be warned, this campaign from the now defunct anti-fur trade pressure group Lynx fully deserves its 18 rating, as it starts out in a genuinely unsettling mood of David Lynch weirdness, then triumphantly embraces the sort of gut-level revulsion Lucio Fulci and David Cronenberg utilised in their most effective shockers to hammer the point home.

Awakening of the South Seas Queen 1985 >

Students Ario, Joshua and Dudi investigate the legend of Nyi Roro Kidul ("The South Seas Queen") in South Lauta. They dive underwater, find the body of a dead woman, bring it ashore and it comes back to life as the beautiful Neneng (Suzzanna). Trouble and death follow.

Creeporia >

For three long centuries Creeporia has lived in an immortal freeze. A timeless soul lost in the breeze. Now, one way to win back her life is if she can become the wife of one who'll gladly give their heart to such a vain, repulsive tart! The second way to end this game is if she can regain her fame. Should she become a star once more. Then this curse gets thrown out the door! Will this undead actress escape her curse?

Death in the Family 1981 >

A family gathering attempting to establish just who exactly inherits the family's possessions leads to deception, incest, and quite a lot of murder

Dangerous Stories 1988 >

Three stories with horror and science fiction elements. 1st episode: "The Curse of Tutankhamen" (Tsutankâmen no noroï) by Kazuyuki Izutsu. With Naoto Takenaka. Two clans of Yakuza clash in a bar. 2nd episode: "They came back, tonight too" (Yatsura wa konya mo yattekita) by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. With Renji Ishibashi. A polar writer is pursued by two mysterious mountebanks. 3rd episode: "I want to come back to this day" (Ano hi ni kaeritai) by Banmei Takahashi. With Toshiyuki Nagashima. A couple who robbed a bank decides to separate to escape the police.

Dug Up >

Chaos takes over a rural town after a trio of residents accidentally conjure a zombie outbreak.